Fireworks Jam Sessions and the new year

Starting with the new year 2009, I’ll be actively moving forward with the totally informal Fireworks Jam Session that you can only know about if you found my blog. 😉 Now my question for you all is what time works for you? It appears having the session at 10am PST works great for most of the world except for Austraila and other regions. I’m thinking about hosting this presentation at 5pm PST versus 10am PST. If there are no strong opinions about the time, I’ll make a decision while planning my new years resolutions for 2009!

Keep in mind there will be no Jam Sessions till the first week of January and I look forward to seeing you all there! I’ll post a link to the jam session a couple days before Thursday so be on the lookout!

Happy holidays everyone!

Vivek from i2fly sent me a Fireworks source PNG with mobile device backgrounds to share with the Fireworks community for the holidays. Check it out!

2 Responses to Fireworks Jam Sessions and the new year

  1. SiamJai says:

    Sounds great, Alan! 🙂
    5pm PST translates to 8am Thailand time, which is more manageable than the previous 1am. :p So, hopefully now people from this region can participate in the Jam Sessions too.
    Have a great holiday!