Speaking at AUG in Dallas, Texas

I’ll be presenting on Adobe Fireworks
CS4 and demonstrating the integration with Creative Suite 4. The presentation is on Saturday (1/17) in Dallas, Texas at the Nerdabout bookstore for 2 hours! If you’ve seen me speak in person before then you’ll know I’m very open to questions and can tailor the presentation to be what you want to see. I hope to see everyone there!

DFWAUG Meeting
Fireworks CS4 with Alan Musselman

Also take note I’ve had to hold off starting the Fireworks Jam Sessions due to extended break and going to Dallas to be with family the day before my presentation.

2 Responses to Speaking at AUG in Dallas, Texas

  1. John Hattan says:

    Big thanks for the presentation. You’re certainly enthusiastic about your subject, even in that refrigerated warehouse 🙂
    Also, Rick thanks you for the door-prize copy of Fireworks. He was just confiding in me during the pizza-break that he probably ought to spring for a copy.

  2. Looking forward to getting a copy, myself.