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Issues resolved with the Dreamweaver 8.0.1 Updater

For those of you on the forum and in other places running into problems with Dreamweaver 8, I’d highly suggest downloading the Updater and letting us know if it resolved the bugs you encountered.

Resolved issues with Dreamweaver 8 update (8.0.1)

Then after your done reading the resolved issues, go download the updater!

Using Contribute with a website that has both secure and non-secure pages (http/https)

If you create a connection to a website using the Connection Wizard with a URL that looks like and you browse to secure page like you’ll notice you’ve lost the connection to the site. This issue is easily resolved by adding an alias for in the Web Address tab while Administering the site.

  1. Connect to the site via normal http
  2. Administer the site
  3. Select the Web Server category on the left side of the dialog box, and click the "Web Address" tab
  4. Provide the site alias
  5. Click "Close" to exit the Administer Website dialog box and save your changes.

To find out more about the Web Addresses tab:

Specifying alternate website addresses

Contribute Easter Eggs!

I love Easter Eggs and had no idea Contribute had any until…now

Contribute Team Pictures

  1. Ctrl + Help + About Macromedia Contribute

What a great team! Being able to work with them is truly an honor. The Contribute team rocks!


I believe this is only for Windows

  1. View > Go to Web Address
  2. Enter "play a game" and click OK

Beware. Clients will become un-productive if they find this game. 😛

The Trees

  1. Administer a site
  2. Edit role settings and select New Images
  3. Click the tree image a couple times
  4. Next time you restart Contribute and edit a page…check the image button.

Be sure to check it out every now and then, the tree changes throughout the year. 🙂

Quickly determine the version of CPS

Here’s a quick way to determine the version of Contribute Publishing Server (CPS) on your server.

In the address bar of your preferred web broswer, type:


Where <server> is the name of the domain or server, you might also have it running on a different a port than 8900 (default).

Before I knew about this trick, I was always determining the CPS version by the changes made in the User Interface from version 1.0 to 1.1. :S

If you have no idea what CPS is, then I’d suggest checking out:

Invoking Contribute’s Start page instantly

Did you know that clicking the Contribute logo in the top-right of Contribute’s interface will instantly take you back to the Start page?
Often times I find myself in a position where I need to reference the Start page and the only way I’ve been able to find how to do it quickly was to select “about: Startpage” in the Address bar or Selecting (Home Pages > Starter page)
I believe I knew about that tip awhile back and just found it again. 😉

Handling multiple domains pointing to one IP address (virtual servers) in Contribute

Depending on how your environment is setup, you might have multiple DNS’s or some type of Virtual server configuration that will conflict when setting up site(s) that point to the same IP address. You’ll quickly find out you can only connect to one site (typically the first the one you setup) and not the other on the same IP.

Contribute will automatically find and detect any alternate Web Addresses and will add them to the Web Addresses tab found in the Administration panel of Contribute.

Here’s how to remedy this issue, in Contribute 3.1 go to:

  1. Edit > My Connections
  2. Enable the site if its not already enabled and click the “Administer…” button in the top-right.
  3. Select the Web Server link on the left column
  4. Under the "Web Addresses" tab, remove any IP addresses and remove any host names that are not associated with the main site.

Control SWF rendering in Contribute

Here’s the bits to add a new menu item called "Flash Preview" with the "Play/Stop all" control in Contribute.

Paste wherever you would like the menu item to appear in the menu hierarchy. I placed it in-between the "Table" and "Help" items in the ccmenus.xml file found in:

C:\Program Files\Macromedia\Contribute 3\Configuration\Menus

<menu name="_Flash Preview" id="Flash_Preview">
<menuitem name="Play _All" key="Cmd+Opt+Shift+P" enabled="dw.getFocus() == ‘document’" command="dw.getDocumentDOM().playAllPlugins()" id="DWMenu_View_Plugins_PlayAll" />
<menuitem name="S_top All" key="Cmd+Opt+Shift+X" enabled="dw.getFocus() == ‘document’" command="dw.getDocumentDOM().stopAllPlugins()" id="DWMenu_View_Plugins_StopAll" />