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Are you a designer new to the Spry framework?

Are you new to Spry in Dreamweaver? Are you having a hard time understanding where to start? Are you wanting to do more other than form validations like create sliding panels that update when other events are fired in your site design? I’d highly suggest starting with Don Booth’s in-depth article to understand the basics that make the Spry framework for AJAX tick. This includes understanding what a Data Set is and how an observer works which is very similar to listeners in ActionScript. Once you pick up the basics you’ll be having a hard time creating the content!!

Building a photo album with the Spry framework

The next step is understanding how observers work in detail. Here is a direct sample I’d suggest you de-construct after walking through the article above:

Data Set Observer Sample

Hope this helps!

Extensions to manage Color Palettes across team environments on a per project basis

Have you ever worked on a project and kept asking others for a current color palette to import and stay consistent with everyone else? Well, if you have expreienced this pain point there are two simple extensions for Dreamweaver and Fireworks that Developers in the trenches created to enhance their existing workflow. While they are not bug free and as robust as they could be, its interesting to see how team members utilize the extensibility layer in Fireworks, Dreamweaver and Flash (and now Photoshop via John Nack) to improve their workflow without expecting us (Adobe) to resolve the workflow issue in the next version.

Remote Color Swatch Extension for Fireworks:

Color Palette Extension for Dreamweaver:

Now, whats in the back of my mind lately is how to effectively build a robust panel that can span across multiple apps in the suite to help developers manage colors on a per project basis. For now, I like to think about Fireworks cause its easier to solve our own worflows and its my favorite app out of the suite, but spanning a remote color swatch panel across teams that use various apps to get the job done could be very rewarding and increase overall team productivity, no? How do you manage working with various Color Palettes in a team environment?

Dreamweaver Easter Eggs

Not sure about anyone else, but when you use an application everyday such as Studio/Dreamweaver, typically you know the app inside and out. Apparently, I was completely wrong about that comment. I had no idea there were Easter Eggs in DWMX2004.

SAVE YOUR WORK before playing the game! I thought DW locked up only to find out DW was closing the game when I lost.

In the Property Inspector, locate the Text Color Input box and type “Dreamweaver”. You should see a little DW rune that starts to fly around the screen, but wait!! Move the mouse up and down to move the paddle on the left and hit the rune back to the other side.

Not sure if it supports 2 players though. Im also not sure how to quit the game and if you call Support, we’ll tell you we dont support the hidden gems. 😛

The other Easter Egg is to insert an image in Design view and ctrl-Double-click the image preview icon in the Property Inspector. Keep Ctrl-Double-Clicking to see more faces.