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Check out The Rissington Podcast

If you havent heard The Rissington Podcast then you gotta check it out. Its really fun to listen to John Oxton and Jon Hicks go off on things that are related to the web industry. In the latest episode, they answered a question from a listener and discussed why they use Fireworks for web design.

The Rissington Podcast

Notes on this weeks Fireworks Jam Session

This week we did a demo of the new Fireworks skinning extension that works with Flex 3 Beta. When I updated the button skin, the image didnt update in Flex 3 and threw me off. This happened because when I defined the project, a folder called “src” was automatically created and I was working out of a different folder after I defined the project, bah! I should have been working out of this folder to begin with..well now I know…

I’m soo diggin the new Adobe Media Player in labs! Being able to create one Fireworks PNG that contains all the various assets for skinning the player is fan-tabulous. We would have been using Frames or multiple documents in Fw8 or below. Pages in CS3 give us the ability to create Pages in the same document with various sizes, yah!

Also we demo’d’s Distrifusion, go check it out when you get a chance.

For those of you that are attending the Fireworks Jam Sessions, I want to say thanks! This really helps me burst out of my internal bubble and be one with the community and learn things together with you all. 🙂

Bridge Home and Fireworks CS3

Anyone see Bridge Home which essentially acts a central hub for content from within Bridge?

It’s cool and an easy way to quickly surf tutorials, extensions, community blogs etc.. for our products. With Fireworks, a lot of the information is already on the Fireworks Design and Developer Centers, but its nice to know you can easily access the content while using Bridge.

Vector Path rendering in Fireworks

A lot of Fireworks users are not aware of how Fireworks renders paths and assumes what they are running into is a bug. Here’s an informative TechNote for you to explore and even download various extensions to aid you when running into a problem where the stroke becomes blurry, fuzzy and aliased to the point you are trying to get the path back to normal. This also typically happens when you zoom into the document to modify vectors.

Vector path rendering in Fireworks

Geek Glue, Flex and Fireworks

Geek Glue is geeking out on the Flex Integration in Fireworks CS3. 🙂 As they are creating additional components to the standard shipping set, I noticed some good trial and error tips. These posts are a good read on Geek Glue:

Fireworks CS3 : Creating Flex Symbols

FFC : LinkButton – Tidying Up

Fireworks Flex Components : Extended

Fireworks Flex Components : Label

There are also some great articles on Flex/Fw in the Fireworks Developer Center as well.

Jedi’s Orb + Background + Lights Tutorial

Jedi over at created a great tutorial on creating an Orb like object with accurate lighting effects on the background. Check it out when you get a chance, I picked up some good tips on using the Edge property in combination with textures in the Property Inspector.

Fireworks Developer Center – Updated!

Two new updates in the Fireworks Developer Center worth mentioning here is Viktor’s updated Color Palette panel for Fireworks CS3 which adds a new user experience and some new enhancements that make using the panel that much more enjoyable to work with. Due to popular demand, the other update is the Create Slideshow players source FLAs/AS files have been posted for your own personal enjoyment and customization using Flash CS3. (The HTML/Spry version is straight forward and doesnt require posting the source.)

Fireworks Developer Center: Fresh Downloads!

If you haven’t seen the new Fireworks Developer Center, I’d suggest taking a peep. We updated the Fireworks Downloads section with 2 fresh Downloads thanks to
Steven Grosvenor and
Jose Angel Rivera Dominguez!

Steven added a Command Panel called Super Guides 1.0 (Super useful for Isometric Shapes and more) and Jose added a fantastic set of Old Paper Styles for that instant Old Paper effect that is very useful.

Extensions to manage Color Palettes across team environments on a per project basis

Have you ever worked on a project and kept asking others for a current color palette to import and stay consistent with everyone else? Well, if you have expreienced this pain point there are two simple extensions for Dreamweaver and Fireworks that Developers in the trenches created to enhance their existing workflow. While they are not bug free and as robust as they could be, its interesting to see how team members utilize the extensibility layer in Fireworks, Dreamweaver and Flash (and now Photoshop via John Nack) to improve their workflow without expecting us (Adobe) to resolve the workflow issue in the next version.

Remote Color Swatch Extension for Fireworks:

Color Palette Extension for Dreamweaver:

Now, whats in the back of my mind lately is how to effectively build a robust panel that can span across multiple apps in the suite to help developers manage colors on a per project basis. For now, I like to think about Fireworks cause its easier to solve our own worflows and its my favorite app out of the suite, but spanning a remote color swatch panel across teams that use various apps to get the job done could be very rewarding and increase overall team productivity, no? How do you manage working with various Color Palettes in a team environment?

Taking a Fireworks comp to a CSS-based layout in Dreamweaver

Sheri German and Gordon MacKay have whipped up a 3 part article series on working with a design comp in Fireworks and converting it to a CSS based layout in Dreamweaver. Best of all, its free and on the Fireworks Developer Center!!

Taking a Fireworks comp to a CSS-based layout in Dreamweaver

Part 1: Initial design

Taking a Fireworks comp to a CSS-based layout in Dreamweaver

Part 2: Markup preparation

Taking a Fireworks comp to a CSS-based layout in Dreamweaver

Part 3: Layout and CSS

Thanks to Sheri and Gordon for sharing these helpful techniques with the community and we also can’t forget about our wonderful in-house Fireworks Developer Center Editor and more, Stefan Gruenwedel. 🙂

You can also find more work by Sheri and Gordon at CMX!