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Flex Builder 3 and skinning with Fireworks CS3

Flex Builder 3 Beta and the new Fireworks extension for Adobe Fireworks CS3 are on Adobe Labs. The extension helps automate skinning using the New Import Wizard in Flex Builder 3 and generating the CSS for you. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Flex Skin Design Extensions

FlexCamp and Fireworks

This last Friday night was FlexCamp and lemme tell ya I had a lot of fun other than the fact that I couldnt grab the goodie bag, t-shirt and the cool mug. These are the dis-advantages of being an Adobe Employee and something I missed when I was a customer. Seriously, I cant tell you how jazzed up I would get when someone offered me a t-shirt or some goodie that said adobe/macromedia on it. I still pickup schwag when I can and usually give my schwag away to someone thats not an adobe employee. Nothing beats the feeling you get when you receive schwag!

On the same note , if anyone can beat my Macromedia Fireworks (embroidered logo on the back) coat from Fireworks 4 days, prove it!

Michael had a great session and posted Flex sources and comments about FlexCamp. It was also really great to see Narciso demo the new Fireworks extension that worked with the new Import dialog in Flex 3. This extension would let you edit say the Button template and in one click, export the template to import into Flex. The new Import dialog available in Flex 3 will compile your assets and build a CSS file automatically. Pretty neat stuff!

Be on the lookout for Flex 360 in Seattle and you definitely wont want to miss Adobe MAX 2007 in Chicago!