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FireworksGuru: Demon Towers

Check out for Free Flash and Fireworks Extensions! The developers there are awesome and can stir up some really cool extensions. There’s also an update to the Twist and Fade command that ships with Fireworks CS3.

The Demon Towers design is clean and slick. I’m a big fan of dark layouts created in Fireworks and would vote for Halloween to be a once-a-month event if I was elected President. 🙂

Steven Grosvenor from Demon Towers joined the Fireworks Jam Session today and what a wonderful session with Steven. He showed us the behind the scenes magic around the site architecture and he even fixed a bug with the Newsletter submission. Not only is Steven a strong Fireworks user, but he also codes like a madman with HTML/ActionScript/JavaScript/.NET/C# creating various chemical compounds to construct insane extensions for Flash and Fireworks.

I love the extensibility layer with Fireworks and Flash. Why bug engineering when you can make the panel yourself and solve your own workflow issues? Use Flash/Flex to build the User Interface via ActionScript and make calls to the JavaScript API in Fireworks, its that easy! Well I’m pumped up today, Steven just made my day. 🙂

Here’s the recording if you have time to watch today’s session.


Justin over at has a fresh, resourceful site for Fireworks users. I’d suggest if you have tip or trick to submit a tutorial for his site. If your looking for Fireworks tutorials Justin has posted a few already, enjoy and thanks Justin!

FireworksGuru: Lian

Today Lian aka Jose Angel Rivera Dominguez is recognized for his ability to help and effectively teach Fireworks users best practices when it comes to lighting techniques, patterns and textures to designing rich interfaces geared for HTML/CSS, Flash or even software app designs. (He has been doing this ever since I first started using Fireworks.)

Lian has been planning to update his personal site: yet like the rest of us is too busy working day to day to promote his hard work. You can visit his temporary portfolio if you feel inclined.

Lian is famous and one of my favorite gurus I look up too when it comes to designing in Fireworks. Here’s an example of one of the powerful tutorials we converted to a Fireworks Developer Center article. You’ll find many of these tutorials about Fireworks hidden in Fireworks related forums.

Old Paper Effect

Here’s some sites that are live Lian wanted to share with us:

Thanks to Lian for helping us all be better Fireworks designers!

FireworksGuru: John Dunning

Today is a great day as John Dunning updated his list of current Adobe Fireworks Extensions. I’ve always considered John to be an elite Fireworks user if not the godfather of Fireworks and its time to give him recognition as a FireworksGuru for all the insanely helpful extensions John has given to the Fireworks community. You can also find John over at helping people out with extending Fireworks.

Thanks John for all you do!

FireworksGuru: Rocket Theme

If any of you use Fireworks and work with Joomla templates or are thinking about using a Joomla template with Fireworks then Rocket Theme is the place for you. I have seen the Rocket Theme team output some killer templates and they also went the extra mile to make sure they are coded properly for your installing pleasure.

Why Rocket Theme you ask? Why not?! They have an excellent forum where they constantly help peeps get up to speed with Fireworks and overall make sure their community is taken care of. The amount of templates they push out is a mystery to me and the quality is top notch..amazing work especially with their latest template released called
Replicant. Be sure to check out their Tutorials section where you will be able to quickly get up to speed with Fireworks and Joomla!

I’ve started to investigate building export scripts to work with Joomla templates so all you have to do is modify the graphics and export the template in one shot. It will take some time and attention and overall will be pretty cool once I or someone else has the time to create them.

Go Rocket Theme! 🙂

Fireworks Guru: Aaron Beall

Aaron Beall deserves some serious Fw love in regards to what he has accomplished with the Fireworks API and Command panels and on top of that you can find him on the Fireworks Support Forums as well as the FireworksGuru Forum.

Visit Aaron’s site as well as his special site dedicated to Fireworks that contains some very nice extensions for Fw Extenders as well as for Pixel pushers.

Thanks Aaron, Keep up the great work!

FireworksGuru: Angelo Sabal aka Blue2x!

Angelo aka Blue2x deserves FireworksGuru recognition after seeing his post on the Adobe Fireworks Forum and creating small yet powerful tutorials as well as inspirational artwork created with Fireworks.

Be sure to check out more of Angleo’s DeviantArt projects:

Fireworks Guru: Stéphane Bergeron

Being long overdue for a new FireworksGuru post, here he is, Stéphane Bergeron.

Stephane is very unique in the Fireworks realm. He has lots of interesting tips and techniques that are spread all over the web including his latest article called Why choose Fireworks? It’s a good read and really touched me which invoked me to make this post.

If you can only imagine, here I am working at Macromedia (before the acquisition) only because my passion for Fireworks has fueled me to take on this job. I realized I like to help others so Product Support was for me then all of a sudden, Adobe announces the acquisition and I started to lose my passion, wants and needs to make Fireworks be what it can be for the community to the point I started thinking if I can only purchase the Fireworks Codebase from Adobe….only to find out Adobeans (not as cool as macromedians in my opinion) used Fireworks and also wanted to make Fireworks a powerful product for us Webheads that want to get in and out and focus on the final design. With that said, I put down the check book and went along my merry way and then he writes the "Why choose Fireworks" article that boosted my self-esteem and made me realize I have forgotten about everyone else that also is passionate about Fireworks.

Thank you Stéphane for everything you have done for the community and hope you do not lose your passion in the tools that make you more productive everyday!


Fireworks Guru: Alex Mariño

If you’ve surfed the Macromedia Dreamweaver and Fireworks forums, chances are you’ve ran into Alex Mariño in one way or another. He enjoys hanging out in the forums or related sites to collaborate with others, solve problems and find solutions or workarounds to issues he experiences while using the Studio everyday.

"For the web design I have not found anything more powerful than the Dreamweaver – Fireworks combination. I am limited only by my imagination and technical skills in what I can create. I use them exclusively for web design and pretty much live in them everyday."

Alex currently works full time developing internal and external sites for Student Assistance Foundation as well as developing sites on the side.

Fireworks Guru: Joyce Evans

I must say…reading Joyce’s tutorials or shall I say books concerning Fireworks is always exciting for me. The last book I read by her was the Zero to Hero for FWMX2004. I’ve referenced that book on countless occasions and was surprised to find tips I didnt even know existed in FWMX2004.

Joyce has a ton of experience in educational teaching, tutorial development, and Web Design. I would also like to mention she’s the Fireworks Editor for the MX Developers Journal magazine. To find out more about Joyce, visit her Web Design Studio at or her personal site at for tutorials, postings, and more.

There’s just something about people that are nice and willing to help someone out. It’s priceless.

Thanks for being you Joyce!