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Check out the “8 the project” developed with Studio 8

My friend and fellow co-worker Junichi Saito over in the Macromedia Japan office has sent me a link that I thought would be worth sharing with anyone that reads my blog.

"Please take a look at this, Her character name is 8-chan. When you have a close friend, little boys and girls, we call their name with –chan. For example,  Alan-chan"

The "8 the project" has stunning visuals and excellent Flash wizardry which will make any Studio 8 user oooogle over the new features they used in the project. I have explored this site from front to back and enjoyed every second of it even though I cant read Japanese very well.

Thanks for sharing Junichi-san! 🙂

Fireworks added to MXNA

Hey Fireworks bloggers!

There was an overwhelming amount of responses about why this was not on the Aggregator. Even Trevor over at created a petition about the issue. Well I’m pleased to announce Fireworks is now a Cateogory in the MXNA Aggregator.

If you already have an existing blog on MXNA and blog about Fireworks in some form or fashion, please email me directly so we can add you to the category. (amusselman \|/ macromedia you know where)

If you do not have a blog approved at MXNA, please add the blog using the Submit Feed form.


Two Support Gurus just got MM blogs

Welcome John Nosal for Fireworks and Ken Toley for Flash. This is truly an exciting day for Studio users. The more bloggers out there discussing Studio related issues and expressing their opinions is fantastic. Keep a close eye on John and Ken as Im sure we will see some interesting topics emerging.

John Nosal – Fireworks

John’s already jumped into Podcasting and posted a couple questions about Fireworks Popup Menus and what others think about them. I’ll be interested to see how this post turns out.

Ken Toley – Flash

Ken has already expressed his past challenges with programming in general and with ActionScript and is sharing information with the Flash Community. Be sure to keep track of Ken’s posts. He always has a good read waiting there for you.

Out for a Test-drive with Studio 8

That’s the title of the article I wrote for the EDGE newsletter about a site we built using the Studio Betas. If anyone’s interested we can post the FLA’s/CSS so peeps can check out how it was done when the Studio apps are available for download. Let me know if your interested and I’ll make sure this happens.

Read Article 04:

The Studio 8 launch couldn’t have been released at a better time than now. In my honest opinion, the web industry as a whole is coming back to life like it was back in 1998. Before only the strong survived the dotcom days and the weak had to pursue other options. Now, it seems companies are snatching up who they can these days just to keep up with the amount of work coming through the pipes. Craziness…

As of today, I’m seeing so many *new* users that are wanting to get their hands on the Studio 8 that its not even funny. Current Studio Professionals are busting at the seams trying to get their hands on it. All I can say is patience!! It will be out soon enough for all of you to enjoy and maximize its true potential. What really razzles me, is I want to go back into designing/developing 8-15 hours a day….I really miss that, but being in support definitely has its advantages that I may someday reveal to all of you.