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StarCraft 2 is coming!

If Blizzard pulls this off, I’ll be one happy Zerg for quite some time in the near future!

Interakt and Adobe join forces!

Today is an exciting day for those of us that use Interakt’s extensions in one form or another. I’d sugggest checking out InterAkt’s FAQ for more detailed information as well as Alexandru’s blog post to hear about it from his perspective. Go Adobe!!

What would life be like without a mouse?

Just caught a good read over at Scott’s blog for anyone interested about Multi-touch Interaction Experiments.

I’m glad we as humans are finally testing this functionality and not dreaming about it and I’m sure those nice experiments are probably a hefty price tag. Can I wait for this technology? Not really, but it gives us a glimpse of how we may use applications such as Fireworks in the future. 😉

What RSS Reader are you using?

There a ton of free RSS readers out there and my favorite one so far is an extenison via FireFox called Wizz RSS News Reader that works directly within FireFox. Talk about ease of use and I prefer to see the actual page of the feed in case I need to log in.


One of the main reasons I use this type of feed is the Fuse Talk Forums on do not identify a News Reader when posting. If anyone has any suggestions on what their using, I’m all ears and always looking for a new approach to reading feeds.

PNG transparency finally in IE7 w/o having to use hacks

Wow, I found this to be a good read on PNG transparency in the upcoming version of Internet Explorer 7. A developer (Sam Fortiner) from the Internet Explorer team now has a blog and explains all.
Wonder what this means for the community when IE7 is released to the masses. hmmm. 😉
Check it out:

Think your good at Chess?

I love playing chess and playing chess while watching the AI determine its move visually is a different way to play chess if you ask me.
At first, I thought it was just “cool effects”, then once I started losing, I realized I’m focusing on watching the AI make its move which can be distracting.
Anyways, I’m hooked on this version of chess, you gotta check it out if your a Chess player.
Thinking Machine4
I might have to purchase the table version when they finish it, but of course, I’d prefer the HoloChess in Star Wars. 🙂