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Fireworks jam session recordings

Today’s Fireworks jam session was cool. I demo’d where we are with our style improvements with Fireworks CS4 public beta. You can check out the recording and download the Fireworks source file from the Files pod in the recording here:

Fireworks jam session (6-19-08)

Watch the previous session which included Zero showing off a Songbird skin he created in Fireworks CS4 public beta. He even uploaded the source into the Files pod for further development and/or learning purposes. Have fun!

Fireworks jam session (6-11-08)

Jam Session starts in 10 minutes!

We have a special guest in the house today, Aaron Beall will be joining the Fireworks Jam Session in person! Not sure what we will do, but the idea is just to have an open discussion with us and Fireworks. We can do demos based on your question or reproduce an issue if you found something thats frustrating you or just stop by and show something cool you made in Fireworks/Web Suite. See ya in a few minutes. Remember to access the Connect room by clicking the link on the left nav…

New Fireworks Sample on Fireworks Developer Center

Just noticed Rodger’s sample is live on, check it out when you get a chance!

Pen and gradient tools showcase

Reminder: Attend the Fireworks Jam Session in one hour, click the link on the left nav!

Fireworks Jam Session at 10am PST

Today’s Thursday, I’ll be in the Fireworks Jam Session at 10am PST if you can make it!

No time change for Fw Jam Session this week

All – We will continue to meet today at 11am PST so no time change this week. Last week we had discussed a time change to allow other folks that cant make the jam session to join up. See ya in a bit!

Fireworks Jam Session in one hour!

Well its been awhile where I needed to make an announcement about the Fireworks Jam Session so here it is in all its glory. We start in one hour today at 11am PST.

On another note, I was concerned about this Fireworks user before we shipped CS3 and happy to see we saved his career by shipping Fireworks with CS3! We are actively working on the next version so don’t worry, Fireworks has a great home in Adobe’s ecosystem.

Fireworks Developer Center: Updated

We’ve been pushing new articles and samples to the Fireworks Developer Center this last month. Here’s some current updates to mention if you havent seen them already:

Handling Fireworks events with ActionScript 3.0
Mayur Mandada
Learn how to have custom panels built with ActionScript 3.0 recognize and react to Fireworks events.

Developing an effective Fireworks workflow
Grant Hinkson
Follow the entire Fireworks extension development process from beginning to end, and then learn about tools and techniques to enhance that process for your own needs.

Fireworks sample: RokWebify
Andy Miller
Use this design as the basis for Joomla template modification, and as a good learning tool and starting point for more advanced layouts.

Design Center Tutorial:

Create a sitemap icon using reusable rich symbols
Alan Musselman

Learn how reusable symbols can be a great timesaver when prototyping sitemaps.


Logo Design and Site mockup Contest – Adobe CS3 Web Premium Grand Prize

Per Luke, the user group manager for Fire on the bay is announcing the logo/site design competition for next month’s Fireworks user group meeting held at Adobe in San Francisco. No worries, everyone can participate as long as you sign up at!

Contest Details:
With the introduction of “Fire on the Bay”, a new user group based in San Francisco, we are holding a contest for a commercial copy of Adobe CS3 Web Premium. The winner that designs the coolest and most appropriate site mockup with logo for the group will win the prize.

Site mockup and Logo Requirements:
The site mockup should be geared for HTML/CSS design. Color scheme is up to you and should overall fit with the logo. The layout will be implemented by Luke and team.

Keep in mind we would like to use the logo for printing, clothing and other places as well as use it on the website too.

The Submission of the site/logo design should be:

Width: 900px
Height: 900px
Resolution: 72px
File Format: Fireworks .png

Entries should be emailed to

Also this month Hot Banana will be providing food and drinks as well as giving some info on their latest offerings.

New CSS export script for Fireworks CS3

John Wylie created a new and improved CSS export script for Fireworks CS3 that allows you to export a design that you can continue tweaking wth minimal efforts in Dreamweaver CS3. We are not talking about absolute positioning here folks, this is for professionals that are looking to improve their workflow when working with Fireworks and designing with CSS in mind. For instance, being able to export a 2 column layout with content that doesnt appear as an image is a huge timesaver. Also, I’m now finding it tedious having to create tiling backgrounds for divs since the script can help do this for you. John’s really gone the extra mile with this new extension and its now available on the fresh redesign of Adobe Developer Connection!

Reminder: Fireworks Jam Session in 20 minutes

Please join me in a informal Adobe Connect session. The first ten minutes will be seeing if anyone has any general usage questions that we can answer and then we can do a couple demos of Fireworks based on those questions. If you have something you did in Fireworks and want feedback, this is the place to get real time feedback too!

Where: (Sign in as a guest and use your real name)

Thursday (Today) at 11:00am PST