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Export Flash demos/ presentations from Fireworks with ease!

Viktor’s latest extension for Fireworks CS3 called Demo current document allows you to export all the pages in your Fireworks document as an inteligent package to upload to the server or present locally. Why do I like this method so much you ask? To name a few:

  • Export a web ready click-thru Flash demo without any knowledge of Flash or Flex
  • Quickly present your project locally or upload to a server for an online presentation
  • Easily update the presentation via XML. No need to re-export the presentation unless you’d prefer the extension to re-write the XML for you.
  • Access the source FLAs for the extension and customize the presentation to your liking.

I currently use this extension internally for giving presentations. My screen resolution is set to 1280x1024px so I build out my presentations at 1280x1024px most of the time and view the presentation in Full screen mode. This personally helps me demo new workflows in Fireworks. Nothing beats prototyping Fireworks in Fireworks! 🙂

Thanks Viktor!

Todays Fireworks CS3 Jam Session Recorded!

Wow, today was a great day for the Fw CS3 Jam Sessions as we had Ryan Smith do a demo of the new sample he submitted that now lives on the Fireworks Developer Center > Samples.

Also, a very special guest joined us today, Tom Hobbs from the XD team at Adobe dropped in and shared some killer techniques that he uses on a daily basis with Fireworks. Some of the techniques shown today have really made me rethink how I design in Fireworks!

This weeks recording:

Thanks Tom and Ryan!


How do you export PNGs as SWFs from Fireworks? Its not that common of a question, but always has me searching for an extension that Jesse made awhile back that does just that. He also posted the source and a Draw Grid guide command too!

This weeks recorded Jam session

Here’s this weeks recorded Fireworks CS3 totally informal jam session recording in all its glory. Aaron over at gave a sweet demo of the new Paths panel that allows you to easily manipulate vector paths in one centralized panel. Thats the highlight with this weeks session! Other than that, we answered a couple questions based on the support forum posts.

San Francisco and Adobe

If you live in San Francisco and use Adobe apps like Fireworks, then you could be a part of a video for the Adobe Users Conference. Here’s the post below from Gregg. I chopped the post down to reflect the app I want you to talk about…ahem…Fireworks!



Are you a web developer who uses Fireworks? Are you primarily focused on designing with Fireworks?

We are looking for true Adobe enthusiasts to be interviewed on-camera for the production of a video to be shown at the annual Adobe Users Conference in Chicago – Adobe MAX.

The video is tentatively scheduled to be shot August 28th , 29th and September 4th in San Francisco. We would need you for just one of those days. The shoot will be short, 1 to 2 hours maximum.

To submit yourself for consideration to be in this production,  please email the following information:

  • Your occupation
  • What Adobe products you use (Fireworks!)
  • Why you love Adobe!!! (Because you love Fireworks)
  • Where you saw this posting

Email Gregg at

  • Please be sure to include a picture of yourself
  • Contact information.

We are not having an audition for this so please be detailed in your email.

If interested I will get back to you with more details.

Thank you!!!
Gregg (female) 🙂
Casting Director

Fireworks CS3 Jam Session 10 recorded!

Today we touched on using Behaviors, utlizing the Paths panel and working with Blend modes in Fireworks CS3. Thanks to everyone that kindly did a demo that was a lot of fun as always. 🙂

First half (Covered behaviors for the most part)

Second half (Blend modes/Paths panel I think)

Next week we may see Lian give us a demo on using Textures for various type of effects, not sure yet as we’ll decide what we want to do in the first 5-10 minutes of the session.

Fireworks Jam Session in 1 hour!

It’s that time again, please join us for the Fireworks Jam session today at 11am (PST) today. If you have any ideas for the session, bring them to the table! See you shortly!

Fireworks CS3 Jam Session

Need Textures for Fireworks?

Here’s a Texture collection by where they packaged not only a couple of textures but literally hundreds you can choose from and install via MXPs into Fireworks. Talk about saving you lots of time from having to download each texture one at time!

Fireworks Jam session in 1.5 hours!

Fireworks CS3 Jam session starts in 1.5 hours, feel free to join up! Last week Blue2x showed us a lot of neat effects with text objects.

11am-12PM PST and beyond if Im not too hungry for lunch. 🙂

The first ten minutes is kinda slow seeing if anyone has anything they would like to present or show off, if not, we can discuss or move into demos or show workflows pertaining to questions asked in the jam session. Its also a good place to raise any issues or concerns that may be hot in the various Fw forums. And of course have fun!

Recording of Todays Jam Session

So I figured out how to transfer a recording from my Meetings in Connect to a meeting everyone can see. Thanks to Blue2x for showing some killer Text effects and background effects in this weeks Jam Session!