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Link to FOS recording today

Here’s the link for you all that missed the Fireworks CS3 Open Session this morning:

We covered some basic topics on Rich Symbols, Create Slideshows, Sharing Layers/Web Layers across Pages, and built a clickable site mockup for a presentation. I’m going to investigate microphones, I think mine has its days numbered…

Weekly Fw CS3 session today!

Hey everyone –

Please join me in a informal Adobe Connect session. The first ten minutes will be seeing if anyone has any general usage questions that we can answer and if not, we can do a couple demos. We may also have a couple extension developers show off some extensions they’ve built recently for Fireworks CS3.

I’m thinking about:

  • Building unique Rich Symbols with Properties
  • Demo the Create Slideshow command
  • Build out a website layout from scratch

Adobe Connect:

Thursday (Today) at 11:00am PST

Export Favicon from Fireworks CS3

If you ever need to create a favicon such as a .ICO for a site then nows your chance to get John Dunning’s Export to Favicon command for Fireworks CS3. It works really well and also has the capibility to generate 16px and 32px ICOs with transparency. I do find PNGs work really too, but not all browsers support the PNG as a Favicon.

You can find the Export to Favicon Command and more at the Fireworks Developer Center.

Thanks John!


I want to give a big thank you to the individuals that formed TODCON!

Not only was the TODCON team welcoming and very helpful, but the attendees and presenters (and presentations of course!) made the experience for me overwhelming. I’ve engaged peeps via email for years that I have never met face to face until I went to TODCON and I have to say those relationships have been strengthened ten fold.

I’ve been asked a couple times where my presentation files for the rapid prototyping session are so here ya go:

For those that did not attend TODCON, there are some special extensions included in the zip that is worthwhile to mention that I announced at TODCON!

In the extensions folder is:

Color Palette_BETA (Command Panel)
This is a huge improvement of the current Color Palette panel that ships with Fireworks CS3 today. Some improvements worth mentioning are better user experience, bug fixes, interact with active selections, faster performance, new Named Colors addition(Customizable via XML file)

Demo Current Document (Command)
Gives you the ability to create a very simple flash slideshow for showing your boss thats hanging over your shoulder or for the client that you need to call fast and get the approval for you move on to production. The command is super cool and the source FLA/AS files are also available for those that are inclined to extend the command for their own purposes.

I also included other extensions that I would recommend/help in prototyping that you can already find on the Downloads tab in the Fireworks Developer Center.

Fireworks CS3 Open Session!

Come join us for an open discussion about Fireworks CS3! If you have questions or want to share a tip or trick thats cool with us. Feel free to stop on by and learn from myself and other Fireworkers in the Connect Session.

Starts in 40 minutes- 11am PST

Be sure to login as a Guest. You do need a Username and Password.

Connect Room:

Adding Flex Style Explorer to Fireworks CS3

Peter on the Adobe Consulting team has written an informative article on Flex and Fireworks and also packaged the Flex Style Explorer as an MXP to be installed into Fireworks. I recommend reading Peter’s Article to understand the methodology that helps him day to day with Flex and Fireworks and of course to download the Flex Style Explorer extension.

Fireworks CS3 Updater Available!

We released an Updater for Fireworks CS3 today that improves the overall quality and fixes critical bugs that affected new features such as 9-Slice Scaling and Pages.

Note: If you turned on Automatic Updates to download the Updater then you should be notified when the Updater is downloaded. This Updater process is different than the Macromedia approach to updates and is a smoother install and personally I’m glad Fireworks users can now have the same experience when installing Updaters. (In Fireworks CS3, access the Updater by going to the file menu: Help > Updates…)

One of the biggest fixes that I’m really excited about is a legacy bug thats not listed, but has been plaguing Fireworks users for years. This nasty bug would create stray, un-wanted pixels around sharp vector nodes on a path. It was easy to cover up or flatten to a bitmap and erase the pixels, but hey why do all that when you can download the updater! Another big one for me is attributes such as a drop shadow do not scale within a symbol that has 9-slice enabled.

This updater is one up for Fireworks customers, enjoy!

Demo PNG from Session today

Thanks to everyone for attending the Fireworks Open Discussion today. As promised, here’s the demo file I was using when answering questions that were better to be seen than described.


3D Rotate Command – Fireworks CS3

Aaron Beall busted out this amazing 3D Rotate command that lets you rotate objects on the X/Y/Z axis. You gotta check it out if you havent seen the command already.

CS3 Launch Event – Recorded

I’m still getting asked where to find the CS3 Launch Event recording. Here’s the link for the folks that are not aware: