Cannot deploy LCA on LC ES2

There’s an issue with the string substitution, inside the deployment or compilation code for LC ES2 ; it’s not an obvious one to find either, as the symptoms don’t seem to point to anything at first.

When deploying LCA on LiveCycle ES2, you get an error in the Admin UI

“An error has occurred durring import or deploy. Please see error log for details.”

In the log, there are the following errors

ERROR [org.jboss.ejb.plugins.LogInterceptor] RuntimeException in method: public abstract java.lang.Object com.adobe.idp.dsc.transaction.impl.ejb.adapter.EjbTransactionCMTAdapterLocal.doRequiresNew(com.adobe.idp.dsc.transaction.TransactionDefinition,com.adobe.idp.dsc.transaction.TransactionCallback) throws com.adobe.idp.dsc.DSCException:

As an example, if there is component inside the LCA which is called “My”, the compilation of the LCA will generate a file called “MyService.component” which is located at full-path as below.

During the calculation of the location of the corresponding jar file associated with this component, an incorrect string substitution is used, replacing any occurrence of the explicit string “component” with the new string “compjar”

Component path                "My/1.0/components/MyService.component"
Calculated path               "My/1.0/compjars/MyService.compjar"

The solution then would be, in Workbench ES2, to rename any part of the path to something other than the string “component”. The result would then be, for example:

Component path                "My/1.0/parts/MyService.component"
Calculated path               "My/1.0/parts/MyService.compjar"

2 Responses to Cannot deploy LCA on LC ES2

  1. Tito Castro says:

    Good Post Tai.
    But I think I still can`t understand the underlying problem.
    I get the same error than yours but simply when I try to create a new application or save any resource from the Workbench…
    Can you give me any hint on this?
    Thanks a lot!!

    Have a nice weekend.

    Best Regards,

    Hector (Tito) Castro.

  2. Tai Kedzierski says:

    Hello Tito

    The post refers to applications or resources that have the string “component” in it. The problem should only manifest itself when you’ve exported your LCA from Workbench, and are trying to import it on a LiveCycle server.

    If it’s also happening during the creation of the application, or trying to save a resource, then it is likely to be a different problem.

    It would be good to see if you can use Workbench on a different computer and replicate the error – or if you’re lucky, it won’t affect other Workbench installations, in which case you should re-install the erroneous Workbench.

    If that doesn’t show anything, you should try contacting support, if you have a support agreement. You can also post the specific details of the issue here, but this being a humble blog, I couldn’t guarantee a resolution …!