Central ‘s !Replace! command requires a caret line

Central Pro Output Server has syntax for the preamble which allows you to replace lines in the field nominated data. There is however an additional requirement that is implied, but not explicitly stated:

!Replace! only works with lines that start with “^”

The following definitions:

^define group:!Replace!^bogus!content ^comment content
^define group:!Replace!xyz ^comment xyz
^define group:!Replace!^standalone ^standalone complex

With the following data:

^bogus content

Produce the following result:

^comment content
^standalone complex

If you want to have placeholder data, the data elements need to start with a caret “^” character. If you are passing in XML for example, it could look like this:

A line to be replaced using !Replace! must be quoted verbatim. If you want to use replacement patterns, you will need to add your own pre-processing.

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