2D Datamatrix barcodes in ZPL printing with Central Pro Output Server

You may find that when producing a 2D Datamatrix barcode for ZPL printers, the barcode is incorrectly produced. This is linked to the fact that Central’s escape character for the FNC1 control character is also part of ZPL’s “special characters” set. It is possible (and necessary) to customize the escape control character for the FNC1 byte. Configuration for 2D Datamatrix barcodes for ZPL is defined in …\Adobe\Output Designer 5.x\Config\barcode2.zpl

At the end of the file, the comments state:

; 2nd white value - escape control character
; Number representing the ASCII value of
; Zebra escape character used in the
; data.  Not currently supported.

Changing the value however will take effect correctly (ignore the fact that it says “unsupported”). To do this:

  1. In the barcode2.zpl file, edit the BarcodeWhite line appropriately of the 2D Datamatrix barcode section at the end of the file, above the comments, and save. For example, to use the dollar sign “$” as an escape character, edit as follows:
    BarcodeWhite 6 36 1 1 1

    Where 36 is the ASCII value for the dollar sign character. It is advised to remain with 7-bit ASCII values

  2. Open your form design in Output Designer
  3. go to menu File > Presentment Targets
  4. Select the presentment target (be sure it is highlighted)
  5. Click on the Font Setup button under the list of targets
  6. Make sure the correct fonts are selected – in this case, Barcode2 should be selected (if afterwards this does not work, try selecting all fonts – this will cause a bigger MDF though) Click OK to cause the changes in the barcode2.zpl file to take effec
  7. Re-compile the form to MDF; use this new MDF with your data.

2D Datamatrix barcodes should now come out fine.

5 Responses to 2D Datamatrix barcodes in ZPL printing with Central Pro Output Server

  1. Abir says:

    Please suggest how to install 2d barcode in Adobe output designer 5.6 and how can we edit the barcodes?

  2. an_tai says:

    Barcode profiles come installed “out-of-the-box” with Output Designer – if the required barcode type is not available, then it is probably not supported. You can however contact Adobe support to enquire as to whether a profile exists for the barcode you are trying to render.

    Editing and using the edited barcode profiles are as above
    You can edit the profile files using a text editor, such as NotePad++ , EditPadLite, etc.
    Barcodes are rendered by the Central Server engine; once produced, the Barcode is no longer under Central’s control, it remains present as vector information in the print output.

    Please refer to the documentation for further information on what textual data to provide to Central to make use of a template’s barcode field.

  3. Abir says:

    Thanks for the suggestion.

  4. Abir says:

    I’ve tried implementing a 2d matrix barcode of height and width .6874 inch in adobe output designer 5.6. I m unable to make that .
    Could ypu please suggest how to get these barcode for this specific size?


  5. an_tai says:

    Abir – I’m not sure I could help you with that here. Your best bet would be to contact Adobe technical support. Note that if you are actually creating a new barcode file, it wold be an unsupported.

    If you mean you are trying to place a barcode object on the canvas of a Designer template, please be more specific – in what way are you unable to make it? Does it not display in the output? Do you not get the right sizes? Does it display the incorrect barcode?