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Changing the JBoss multicast port for LiveCycle

You may find you need to change the multicast address+port of your LiveCycle cluster – specifically, if your LC cluster shares the same multicast config as other clusters on your intranet, they might find eachother and try to combine into a super cluster.

This is a huge issue if the two are LiveCycle clusters for example, but one is the test cluster and the other is a QA or even production cluster. This can cause all sorts of havoc ending up with database inconsistenceies, lost data, gridlocked requests etc… If you have a communication or database issue on a cluster, you MUST check your multicast setup as first step !

Multicasting in LiveCycle ES and LiveCycle ES2 is built-in to the application server – WebSphere or Web Logic; or JBoss in our case.

To change the multicast port for a JBoss cluster:
– stop each of the JBoss nodes;
– edit for each node the run.bat (Windows) or (*nix) script as appropriate;
– identify in each the multicast port, and change it (all to the same port);
– save the changes, and start JBoss again

Remember: no two clusters on a same network/intranet may use the same multicast address + port. That is absolute.