Include Google Analytics to your web page using Adobe Contribute CS5

Use “Google Analytics” and infer statistical data of your website performance and usability. Include the Google Analytics code to your web page using Adobe Contribute CS5 and track your website traffic, marketing effectiveness, and much more. With Google Analytics, you can be more prepared to write better-targeted ads, strengthen your marketing initiatives, and create higher converting websites. Know how..

Blog authoring using WordPress with Contribute CS5

Focus on creating entries and quickly update the required information in WordPress, by allowing Contribute CS5 to manage the rest. Here is how you can quickly configure and get started..

Text wrap around images in Contribute CS5

Wrap the text information around images to make it look more interesting in your web pages. Make use of the Text Wrap feature in Contribute CS5 to quickly align the text around the images and to balance the page contents. Read on ..