Take a look at the Editor Enhancements in CF Builder

The latest version of ColdFusion Builder has been upgraded with various editor enhancements to simplify various tasks. Starting with code assistance, ColdFusion editor can auto insert required attributes and arguments to help you quickly complete code statements with accuracy. You can filter proposal containing text and also view them in a cyclic pattern. There are options to define keyboard shortcuts for frequently used commands as per your choice. To know more about the Editor Enhancements, view the following video demonstration. More features coming soon…!

Click here to view the demonstration in full screen mode.

6 Responses to Take a look at the Editor Enhancements in CF Builder

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  2. Mike says:

    The video is awesome and I cannot wait to play around with the new CF builder but is the robot voice really necessary? I think its rather annoying.

  3. Anand Shekar B C says:

    Thanks Mike. Good that you liked the video. The audio in there, is auto generated and hence it might sound robotic, but you still can mute the audio to get away with the voice.

  4. Budd Wright says:

    Looks great, but the real question is… when are we getting the new CF Builder update??

  5. Tomas Sancio says:

    @Mike That’s CFRobot, new in ColdFusion 10.

    Cool auto-insert. Should save us even more time. Thanks! Waiting for improvements in debugging…

  6. Michael says:

    When will these features be available? I have update 1 installed already, and I don’t see them.