To add SuperScript or SubScript in Label – Flex 4

Sometimes we need to do some rich text formatting in a Label which may include “SuperScript” and “SubScript”.

Flex 4 and spark controls offer a very strong and easy way to implement this through “Text Layout Framework” .  Flex 3 can also use the same provided we have included the swc of TextLayoutFramework.  This is pre-included in Flash Builder 4.

The property we use is baselineShift of textFlow object of RichText controls.

A very similar example of how to use this in button is given at :

But to use this for a Label where we don’t need the user interaction to achieve the same we need to set the “baselineShift”.

Below sample illustrates the usage of  the same, both in MXML and ActionScript:

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Auto-Scrolling Issue in ADG while drag/drop

As the title suggests, this is an article about the issue that you may encounter while using SDK 3.x  and AdvancedDataGrid.

Unlike other list based components like TileList , DG etc, vertical scroll bar doesnt moves automatically to the last of the  row item while drag/drop onto the ADG. 

This can be an issue when you have a situation [and most of the time , it can be ] when you have only few visible rows and you want to drag and drop a row /item somewhere in that ADG , not necessarily between the current visible set , you expect that Scroll should move till the last row on its own.  In ADG it does not happens , because of one bug which have been already logged here.   — if you want to vote/keep a watch on to it.

Workaround is :

Please override the function showDropFeedback and then

change this line
if (collection)


if (collection)
if (dragScrollingInterval == 0)
dragScrollingInterval = setInterval(dragScroll, 15);

Hope this helps somebody facing this issue.

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