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Creating common Object Styles for all project

I assume by now most of Adobe Captivate 5 users already know how to create a style and use them in project.

Did some of you ever wished that  “some particular styles” were available in all the new project that you create?  or after creating new project whatever default/predefine set of styles that you get, are not enough?

So how do you get better styles in each newly  created project?

Most common answer would be “create custom styles,  Export them and import it into new project” right?

But there is another (and easy) way to do the same thing:

1. Launch Adobe Captivate 5.

2. Without opening any project, launch OSM (Object Style Manager) .

3. Ensure that title of Dialog read as “Object Style manager- Captivate Application”

4. Now create some new styles say “style 1” and modify existing style say “[Default Caption Style]”.

5. Close OSM.


After this, next time whenever(even after restarting Adobe captivate) you create any new project, You should  notice that you already have “style1”  in this new project and you also have the modified “[Default Caption Style]”.