Simple LCCS Collaborative app examples using the Flash-Only (Flex-less) SDK

This post shows simple Collaborative applications that were built using the LCCS Flash-Only SDK. The Flash-Only SDK has been a recent addition this article is an attempt to improve the examples of the SDK.

The applications are

Just to highlight, the apps FlashSimpleChat and FlashWebCamExample were built using the Flash builder and they are flex-less or mx-free applications. The source for the applications can be downloaded here.

Snapshot of the apps,




Please feel free to extend the app,or suggest better examples.

Adding Custom Shapes to the SharedWhiteBoard

Thumbnail image for CustomWBShape

On Nigels suggestion, I refactored the AFCS WhiteBoard Component and added a new API to add custom shapes. The API should be available in the next release of AFCS SDK.

To quote Nigel here, WhiteBoard is complicated beast.. Although there is a long way to go before the beast (WhiteBoard) could be tamed and understood, the new API is an effort to help developers add custom shapes to the WhiteBoard.

The app demonstrating the new features could be tried here.

Also the code of the app would be released along with other AFCS examples. I am just uploading the app to test for bugs and receive feedback. Thanks again to everyone trying the new app.

AFCS Flash-Only API’s

AFCS is getting more exciting as it has released the Flash-Only API’s. This release would enable Flash developers to leverage the basic messaging API’s and enable collaboration in their apps.


Flash-Only API’s inherits all the benefits in a Flash vs Flex argument. Now its time to test drive the API’s by building a sample app. 🙂

Add WhiteBoard Shapes using API’s














The app uploaded enables users to add shapes to the WhiteBoard using wrapper APIs.

The code and the APIs will be made available during the next SDK release. The intention behind uploading this app is to test it extensively for errors and suggestions.

The app could be tried here.

My first AFCS app

I created this app with the objective of learning both Flex and the AFCS sdk. The actual app had a lot more features. But stripped most of the feature to keep the code lean and simple.

I would like to use my inexperience as an excuse for the bugs in this app 🙂 . Also I would like to thank the AFCS team for all the help. The idea was suggested by Nigel.

One feature that was tough to implement was white Board scaling based on images aspect ratio. Right now the whiteboard’s alpha is made transparent to display the image underneath it. This gives the effect as though we are drawing on top of the image.

The app can be viewed here

Network Intensive AFCS interactions

Hi Recently a question on AFCS forum was "What are the most network intensive AFCS interactions?
" This Q&A was little insightful and though will post it in the blog. I am pretty sure coders will devise intelligent schemes to optimize cost.

Thanks Raff and Nigel who gave a brief reply about the cost incurred during interactions. More can be found here

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