Adobe AIR on Linux: Call for Pre-Release Users

We’ve been actively working on features that weren’t present in the alpha release of AIR for Linux – system tray icon, keyboard accelerators, PDF & SWF in HTML, encrypted local store, multi-monitor support and more.
To iron out as many issues as possible before coming out with a public beta release on Adobe Labs, we’d like to invite users to help test pre-release builds. If you’re interested and comfortable working with pre-release software, please send an email to the AIR Linux program manager at ashish – dot – baweja – at – adobe – dot – com with answers to the following questions (picked from James Ward’s post before the first Labs release):
1. Will you be able to submit bug reports on issues that you find back to our development team?
2. How many hours a week can you spend testing on Linux?
3. What is the primary distribution of Linux that you’re using? If you are using more than one distribution, please list.
4. Will you be developing applications on your Linux machine (as opposed to writing on Windows and testing the applications on Linux)?
5. What other operating system are you using, if any (Mac, Windows)? Can you compare the behavior of AIR for Linux with AIR for Windows and AIR for Mac OS?
6. Are you working on an AIR application today? If so, please describe.
Please include your name, email address and your company’s name.

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