Hi and welcome to my blog. I’m an engineer working on Adobe AIR for Linux operating environments.
Through this blog, in addition to providing updates about releases (and pre-releases), I’d like to discuss Linux-specific issues that pertain to Adobe AIR – troubleshooting tips, feedback about what features and distributions you think are most important, what issues you face, how certain features work (or not) under specific desktop and windowing environments. I may also solicit inputs from you to help us decide how we should proceed on specific issues.
If you haven’t yet tried it, I encourage you to go get AIR and check out your favorite app on Linux. Details of what does and does not work in the alpha release on Adobe Labs are available in the release notes. (If you find problems, the best place to report them is the labs forum).

4 Responses to Introduction

  1. Mike says:

    Interesting, will try out shortly 😉

  2. Tommy Banes says:

    I didn’t even really know Adobe AIR existed until I stumbled across this site when I was looking for some Google Analytics software. I installed that one and I loved it.
    It would be really cool if you were to mention some specific AIR apps that might be useful to the non-developer types of folks from time to time.

  3. @Tommy Banes
    That’s a good idea – thanks. For starters, you might like DestroyFlickr if you use Flickr. Contrary to its name, this app allows you to navigate images, download them and more. I love this app!

  4. I’m glad to see some movement on the linux side of things. I’ve had the alpha for a while on Fedora 8 i386 and have tinkered with a few apps, such as Fresh which appear to work fine.
    I’ll keep my eyes peeled for any news on this site.