Installation Issues with AIR 1.5 on Linux?

We’ve been scouting blog posts, tweets and news articles and it seems that some users are facing problems trying to install AIR apps with the 1.5 Linux release.
If you had installed an AIR app with the Beta release of AIR, there’s some cleanup required before you can use the app with AIR 1.5.
We’ve put up a FAQ about installation issues on the AIR team blog – If you’re unable to use your favorite application with AIR 1.5, do have a look. After the requisite cleanup, TweetDeck 0.20, twhirl 0.8.7 etc. work great!


4 Responses to Installation Issues with AIR 1.5 on Linux?

  1. Richard Lloyd says:

    The AIR 1.5 installer on Linux is a disaster if you have to manage a set of Linux desktops and want a non-interactive install. Ignoring the fact that there seems to be no 64-bit version, the installer is a binary that *requires* X windows to run and even then prompts you with an EULA you have to agree to!
    It gives you no choice where it installs – I eventually found it in “/opt/Adobe AIR” – OK, who’s the idiot who put a space in the pathname – you should have put an underscore there instead.
    Once it’s installed, it outrageously puts a top-level “Other” section in the Gnome Start menu for the AIR app installer (which also has multiple spaces in its soft-link name in /usr/bin – geez!). At least put the section under “System Tools” or “System -> Administration” for goodness’ sake!
    So no RPM or deb format package (or indeed a package repo) means that this is totally impossible to roll out over a set of desktops automatically. Please wake up, Adobe, and do it properly for the next release. Oh, if this is AIR 1.5, why is the main install tree “/opt/Adobe AIR/Versions/1.0”?! Clueless to the end, eh?

  2. Vadim P. says:

    It worked OK for me, but I think your 32bit instructions for 64bit are way too complicated. Suggesting people to use 64bit flash to begin with is possibly easier.

  3. @Richard
    Thanks for the feedback.
    Not requiring a running X server to run the installer/apps is something we’re actively looking into for the next release. Ditto for easy rollouts to multiple desktops.
    The space in “Adobe AIR” is primarily for consistency in the cross-platform codebase. Also, the location where the runtime itself gets installed does not have any files that are expected to be run/modified by the user.
    Applications can be installed to any path of your choice.
    AIR 1.5 overwrites AIR 1.1 which overwrites AIR 1.0 etc. – hence the shared directory Versions/1.0 for all of these. Version 2.0 may have a different directory.

  4. Ann says:

    I’m running Ubuntu 8.10, 64-bit, with Flash v10 (alpha?) installed. Trying to install any Adobe AIR apps, results in the message “To download AIR content, please install the latest version of the free Adobe Flash Player.” Yes, I have Adobe AIR installed.
    Thanks for any suggestions.

    It seems like you’re trying to install an AIR application through an installation badge – this requires version or later of Flash Player. I believe the 64-bit alpha version of Flash Player does not yet support this feature (badge installation).
    Instead, you can install AIR separately from (troubleshooting steps for Ubuntu 64-bit are at AIR applications can then be installed by downloading their .air files and double-clicking them in the file explorer.
    – Ashutosh