Writing cross-platform AIR applications

We’ve seen a significant number of AIR applications making some common mistakes that result in these apps running fine on one platform (e.g. Windows), but being broken on others (Linux and Mac).
Charles Ward has put together an excellent article on the Adobe AIR Developer Center, highlighting best practices to make sure your application works well on all supported platforms.
I strongly recommend all AIR developers to go through the article.

2 Responses to Writing cross-platform AIR applications

  1. Vadim P. says:

    Good stuff. Why doesn’t the transparency work for click-through though?
    (could it be related to the indirect rendering that was needed for compiz to be able to turn windows about?)

  2. @Vadim P.
    Kind-of. compiz currently doesn’t support passing mouse events through fully transparent pixels.
    Also, using the ‘Shape’ X server extension for this will make applications very slow, since that’d require AIR to calculate the click-through mask for each frame that’s rendered.