New Adobe AIR Marketplace

Adobe AIR Marketplace is a central resource that allows developers to make their applications available to millions of potential users and makes it easy for consumers to find them.
The new AIR marketplace was launched a few days ago and features a brand new look and several new features. Do check it out!
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9 Responses to New Adobe AIR Marketplace

  1. Vadim P. says:

    Cool stuff.
    Btw, I found out that clickthrough on linux *is* possible – Ubuntu’s new notification system ( is based on the concept of that.
    Code for it can be found here:
    Plz add support to air 🙂 annoying to have apps not allow clicking on places where they don’t show.

    It is possible to allow mouse clicks to pass through empty (or, for that matter, non-empty) areas of a window (as being used by notify-osd). The problem is that AIR is a runtime that has to cater to windows that can be any size and whose contents could be changing, say, 30 times per second. So, theoretically, for a maximized window @30fps, it’s *extremely* penalizing to compute the shape mask for allowing mouse events to pass through. That is the main problem why AIR does not support this and relies on developers to design applications that do not have large empty areas (e.g. apps should have new and small top level windows for floating components). Applying a shape mask requies the MIT-SHAPE X server extension, which is available on practically all existing Linux distributions.
    – Ashutosh

  2. Vadim P. says:

    The problem is that this reliance isn’t working out. See for example the AOL top 100 application – it makes a lot of empty space that you can’t click through, and it’s invisible too, so it is mildly frustating to click and not have the click happen.
    Would it be possible to, say, only make the shape if the shape has changed?

    The problem with that is that it still requires AIR to check each frame’s contents to figure out if the shape has changed! And that’s way too expensive. I believe the “fix” for this should go in compositing window managers.
    — Ashutosh

  3. Vadim P. says:

    What would they need to do?
    Maybe there is some X specification already for this :-/

    On Windows, for instance, the OS automatically takes care of passing mouse events through fully transparent pixels. On Linux, the compositing window manager knows about the transparency of all pixels of windows on the screen and is in the best position to filter mouse events through transparent ones.
    There’s a specification for the X Shape extension, which, unfortunately, does not suffice for us.
    – Ashutosh

  4. Vadim P. says:

    This is getting mildly amusing, but I think I hit a dead end:
    compiz is in no position to receive that input and pass it to the window directly below it
    that all happens in X

    True! I’m hinting at compiz setting the correct shape mask (via an appropriate flag/option), which could be useful for other applications as well.
    Meanwhile, we’ll try some other things at our end 🙂
    – Ashutosh

  5. Vadim P. says:

    “<maniac103> vadi2: but they still need a protocol to talk to compiz; additionally it would only work with compiz, not with other compositors
    vadi2: but the biggest drawback is that framebuffer readbacks would be required for that, and they are _awfully_ slow on certain hardware
    <vadi2> so there is no solution?
    <maniac103> there is no good solution, no”

    What I’m suggesting should be common to all compositing WMs – an option to generate and apply a shape mask if fully transparent pixels exist in a top-level window. However, if it turns out that computing the mask is as slow in the compositor as in AIR, then there doesn’t seem to be any good solution.
    Possible to introduce me to ‘maniac103’? 🙂

  6. Vadim P. says:

    maniac103 is Danny Bauman, “the” creator of Compiz. I found him on #compiz-dev at
    and yes, they did mention that doing it in compiz wouldn’t be faster thann the app

    – Ashutosh

  7. Vadim P. says:

    Lita and Moderator apps don’t start on 64bit, because they want a 32bit version of the keyring 🙁

    Unfortunately, that’s required 🙁
    – Ashutosh

  8. Vadim says:

    Maybe we’ll see a 64bit air soon? The flash plugin atm is working wonderful.

    Yes, we’re working on it 🙂
    – Ashutosh