Adobe AIR on Linux: Call for Pre-Release Users

We’ve been working on new features for the next version of AIR (such as 64-bit binaries and .deb/.rpm installers for AIR), as well as on fixing bugs reported by users (reported via the Adobe Wish Form, via blog posts and on Twitter).
To iron out as many issues as possible before coming out with a public release, we’d like to invite users to help test pre-release builds. If you’re interested and comfortable working with pre-release software, please send an email to the AIR Linux program manager at rahul – dot – bansal – at – adobe – dot – com with answers to the following questions:
1. Will you be able to submit bug reports on issues that you find back to our development team?
2. How many hours a week can you spend testing on Linux?
3. What is the primary distribution of Linux that you’re using? If you are using more than one distribution, please list.
4. Will you be developing applications on your Linux machine (as opposed to writing on Windows and testing the applications on Linux)?
5. What other operating system are you using, if any (Mac, Windows)? Can you compare the behavior of AIR for Linux with AIR for Windows and AIR for Mac OS?
6. Are you working on an AIR application today? If so, please describe.
Please include your name, email address and your company’s name.

8 Responses to Adobe AIR on Linux: Call for Pre-Release Users

  1. Zachariah T says:

    Wow, unexpected and this is a great addition thank you Adobe developers. This increased cross platform support is wonderful, Adobe really is stepping up its game compared to all companies around.
    Time to go use it.

  2. John Svec says:

    I run both Madriva 2009.1 x64, and Ubuntu Studio 9.04 x64 on my Mac Pro, natively on their own disk, no VM
    So I use 64 bit rpm’s and also 64 bit .deb
    I would like to help test the new product, I love to tinker, guess thats why 2 flavours of Linux reside on my Mac. LOL

    It’d be great to validate the next version on those distros – could you send in details to rahul DOT bansal AT adobe DOT com with answers to the above questions – thanks!
    — Ashutosh

  3. darkhole says:

    Hey, Ashutosh.. Did you know if Mike Melanson, how post in the Penguin.SWF is still working with Adobe??? His blog is outdated…

    Yes – in fact, he just updated his blog a few days ago!
    — Ashutosh

  4. El1iP3S01D says:

    I’m using Fedora 13 and can’t wait to beta test Adobe Air 64bit…Can’t wait….

  5. jaco says:

    I’m interested in testing Adobe Air 64bit. I have an iMac snow leopard 10.6.4, 24.Ghz intel, 4GB RAM, dual booting Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. loved Adobe Air on 32bit Ubuntu, I use Adobe Air of the OSX side of things. It is a great application. I downloaded and tested a lot of Twitter apps with Adobe, man…sure would be great to have Air foe 64bit Ubuntu.



  6. Andy Kell says:

    its been over a year since the announcement of the 64bit release. now given the smaller pool of linux 64 bit users that can beta test and the rigors of software development its not an unrealistic number but even still how close is this to actual release. working without it on my personal machines has been rather inconvenient for some time.

  7. Gostaria de testar o adobe air 64biy.

  8. Joss says:

    19 months since this was announced… that’s a long compile time. 🙂

    Is there any news at all on this. Even an official statement of “no progress yet, but…” would be helpful.

    If the offer is still open, I’d be very happy to help beta-test 64-bit Adobe Air for Linux.