Adobe Flex Builder Linux Updated (Alpha 5)

Flex Builder Linux is a plugin-only version of the Flex Builder that you can use to build Flex applications on Linux. An updated version of the plugin is now available for download on Adobe Labs.
Do note that you need to uninstall any previous installation of Flex Builder Linux – you can run the shell script ~/Adobe_Flex_Builder_Linux/Uninstall\ Adobe_Flex_Builder_Linux/Uninstall_Adobe_Flex_Builder_Linux to perform the uninstallation.
To install the update, download flexbuilder_linux_install_a5_112409.bin, make it executable:
chmod +x flexbuilder_linux_install_a5_112409.bin
and execute it:
You need eclipse 3.3.x and Sun JRE 1.5.x (or newer). To launch Flex Builder Linux, you can run the script ~/Adobe_Flex_Builder_Linux/ More details are available in the release notes.
This plugin has an updated expiration date and includes AIR 1.5.2.

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