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New Adobe AIR Marketplace

Adobe AIR Marketplace is a central resource that allows developers to make their applications available to millions of potential users and makes it easy for consumers to find them.
The new AIR marketplace was launched a few days ago and features a brand new look and several new features. Do check it out!
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64-bit Flash Player on Linux!

Based on community feedback, a pre-release version of native 64-bit Flash Player 10 is now available on Adobe Labs (x86-64, Linux).
Check out the announcement on the Linux Flash Player blog!

AIR 1.5 Released (Win/Mac)

Aligned with Adobe MAX 2008, we’ve just released AIR 1.5 for Windows and Macintosh. This release includes the following new features:
– Flash Player 10 features including 3D effects, pixel bender, new drawing API, dynamic media streaming, dynamic sound API, and more
– Updated WebKit HTML engine with greatly improved JavaScript performance
– Encrypted local SQL database support
– JavaScript debugging support
– Support for five additional languages (Swedish, Dutch, Czech, Turkish, and Polish)
– Updated DRM engine
The Linux version is expected soon.

Adobe AIR for Linux Beta is out!

We just released the beta version of Adobe AIR for Linux on Adobe Labs!
This Labs release of AIR has all features implemented for Linux, except support for DRM and badge installations. Major new features include support for system tray icons, keyboard shortcuts, localization, internationalized input (IME support), filetype registration, SWF and PDF in HTML, multi-monitor support, fullscreen mode, encrypted local storage, support for V4L2 cameras and printing.
The list of supported distributions has also been updated to:
1. Ubuntu 7.10
2. Fedora 8
3. OpenSuSE 10.3
Any AIR application that works on Windows/Mac AIR release version 1.1 should ideally work on Linux too, except if it uses DRM features. Let us know if you face any issues.
Release notes provide more details about system requirements, installation instructions and any known issues.
Go get some fresh AIR and let us know how it works out for you!