CIFS and Versioning


I want to enable CIFS on my Content Services implementation but am wondering if overwriting files via CIFS will remove the metadata of the original file?

Overwriting files via CIFS (Common Internet File System) using Windows Explorer, for example, will not remove any of the metadata that was previously entered via the web interface.  The description and aspects will be kept intact.  Additionally, if you have versioning enabled (aspect “Versionable”) another version of the document will be created.  Advanced features like check in & check out can also be enabled via CIFS providing users the ability to work independent of the web interface.

When enabling CIFS I would suggest that you create a rule that allows a “librarian” either physical or virtual to track content that is being uploaded via CIFS to ensure the proper metadata is eventually entered via the web interface or by an automated mechanism that extracts data from your forms and pushes that data into the metadata of the document where it may be visible in the web interface.

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