Adding a Formatted Value in a Barcode


When users enter a date into a form field that displays as MM/DD/YYYY the data encoded into the 2D barcode appears as YYYY-MM-DD.  How can I ensure data is encoded in the right format?

The automatically generated script that includes fields in a 2D barcode uses the “node.value” which will capture the XML formatted value.  In the Calculate code you’ll see this as “fieldValues.push(node.value);”. To use the formatted values you can remark out the original code and replace it with:


This will use the formatted values you provided in the Validation Pattern.


2 Responses to Adding a Formatted Value in a Barcode

  1. Jim says:

    I am new to this and have a question. I have an application for insurance sent to me through my e-mail on pdf. How do I download it so I can answer the questions through my keyboard and then upload back into pdl to submit it to the company?

  2. Lee Sutton says:

    Hi Jim,This is actually up to the author of the form you’ve downloaded. If you have received the document through email then simply double-clicking or right-clicking the document and selecting “open” should open the document within the free Adobe Reader (likely already installed on your machine).If the document is “fillable” you should be able to complete the form by entering your data into any of the highlighted fields. Again, depending on the author you may be able to return this document electronically or you may be required to print the document and return it the old fashioned way.Form authors always have the ability to design forms so that data can be returned via a web service, an http post, email, or other methods including barcoded forms which requires a print of the document but the data is captured in a 2D barcode so no one has to re-enter your data when the paper form comes back to the authoring company.