A Technical Introduction to Adobe LiveCycle BAM ES2


Using the Adobe® LiveCycle® Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) ES2 module, administrators and business managers can quickly identify bottlenecks, check progress, and view summary and detailed process information to provide a 360-degree view of a business transaction. In this session we’ll look at some of the key capabilities of BAM including the ability to provide continuous visibility into your critical business applications, easily configure data connectivity, and store and analyze high volumes of data.


  • General product overview
  • Administration of BAM including definition of roles, permissions, and user management
  • Overview of workbench integration with details on contexts, events, dimension, and views
  • Integration with The Adobe® LiveCycle® Process Management ES2 module
  • Creating dashboards and dashboard objects
  • Dealing with watch points and alerts
  • Using the BAM wizard
  • Using Alerts, Tasks and "Reportlets"
  • Overview of the Flex API


Jasmin Charbonneau is a Senior Enterprise Solutions Specialist with Adobe Systems Incorporated.

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