Your legacy is safe: Convert Cool Edit Pro and Adobe Audition 1.5, 2, and 3 files!

Worried about session files created with previous versions of Audition or Cool Edit Pro? Think those timeless tracks have been relegated to the digital dustbin of software history?

Relax! You’ll be able to open all those files within Audition CS5.5 by using a fantastic third-party utility called Ses2Sesx. Created by the awesome folks at AATranslator, Ses2Sesx will take any binary format session file from Cool Edit Pro 1.2 all the way up to Audition 3 and save it in .SESX format for Audition CS5.5.

Learn more about the Ses2Sesx converter utility here.

If you have Audition 3 and want your sessions to come across to Audition CS5.5, there is basic session export using XML session format in Audition 3, which Audition CS5.5 can open and convert to the new .SESX XML format. But for more comprehensive file conversion, check out Ses2Sesx.

Anxious whether your favorite AU3 features will be available in AUCS5.5 on Windows? Don’t worry! You can find a feature comparison here. You can (and should!) keep Audition 3 installed and running even after you install Audition CS5.5, so you can ensure you’ll have the features you’re used to as well as the increased power of Audition CS5.5.

7 Responses to Your legacy is safe: Convert Cool Edit Pro and Adobe Audition 1.5, 2, and 3 files!

  1. hardi says:

    I like Audition

  2. Dapto says:

    Why has Direct-X support been removed? That’s lost me a great many commonly used plug-ins.

  3. Stephen Cole says:

    Wait. You’re telling me that, to keep the features I want, I should continue using the old program? Am I the only person that finds this disturbing?

    What I hear is that you’re giving me “increased power” but can’t go in the direction that I desire.

    Someone might want to check out the reasons people upgrade.

  4. Bret Jaspers says:

    Hi. I am the only one in my office with Audition 3.0 and at times I need to open a session with 1.5 (on a coworker’s machine). If I have to make changes to the session after I do this that is fine, but I’d like at least to know how to open it in the 1.5 version. I do very simple editing with 3.0 (just voices and ambient sound–for radio reports) and I’d like to know the basics of the conversion.
    Much thanks,

    • durin says:

      Audition 1.5 should be able to open an Audition 3.0 .SES file, though there are some parameters that will be unsupported. But basic edits and mixing should be ok. Are you running into a specific problem?

  5. Dan says:

    …although Ses2Sesx is only available on the Windows platform.
    Any recommendations for Mac users?

    • durin says:

      Apparently, Ses2Sesx runs well under the Wine emulation environment, but there is currently no native support.