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Audition Special Promotions

We were able to secure some special promotions thanks to B&H Photo and Video. Check these out!

Adobe Adobe Audition 3/Blue Microphone kit for $599

  • Adobe Audition 3 Software
  • BlueBird Condenser Microphone
  • Blue Icicle USB Microphone Interface
  • Blueberry Microphone Cable

    Adobe Audition 3/ PreSonus kit for $479.95

  • Adobe Audition 3 Software
  • PreSonus – AudioBox USB – Audio Recording Interface
  • Audio-Technica – AT2020 – Condenser Microphone
  • Audio-Technica – 3-pin XLR Male to 3-pin XLR Female Balanced Cable – 15 ft

    Louise Ping

    Audition 3 for Broadcast Whitepaper

    Check out the whitepaper we had created on what tools Audition 3 has for broadcast audio engineers. The paper covers everything from audio restoration and clean-up to working with different audio formats, and mixing and mastering sound.

    Let us know what you think!


    Audition/Soundbooth Session at MAX 2009

    MAX 2009, Adobe’s largest designer and developer event is right around the corner. Coming quick on October 4-7, 2009, it will be located in Los Angeles this year. MAX tends to be jam-packed with Flash developers, motion graphics artists, and videographers, so not your typical audio event. However, we are going to have one audio session, and are working hard on what to focus on. Our comrade in audio, Jason Levine, will be the presenter for a 60 minute session dedicated to Soundbooth CS4 and Audition 3.

    Jason will kick-off the session with creating sound in Soundbooth CS4, and then go on to developing more advanced skills with Audition 3. He’ll help folks figure out I whether Soundbooth or Audition is best for them and focus on some key techniques to make audio engineering easier. Should be an interesting event with a lot of visually creative professionals looking to design audio for their projects.

    For more details, go to:


    Killer Movie Soundtracks…Literally

    A longtime Audition fan, Justin Lassen used Audition 3 to help him mix a lot of fantastic soundtracks for a new Clive Barker movie called The Midnight Meat Train. The movie is scheduled for limited release on August 1. Justin did a lot of the prep work and the finalization of the various individual tracks with Audition 3. Check out the movie soundtrack at:

    Asked what he likes most about Audition 3, Justin said, “I like using Adobe Audition to edit individual multitracks before mixing them all down to a pre-master. The mixer interface is perfect for this! I love the ability to effect each track in real-time. I also utilized all of the effects and the new virtual instrument features as well as editing tools, which Audition is famous for! This software is killer amazing and super fast!”

    “For this project, I found Audition to be extremely useful when I needed to edit, mix-down and tweak hundreds of individual master tracks from all the band’s songs (which were being shipped to me from all over the world during production and in various audio formats). It was fast, reliable and lifesaving. The delays, reverbs, distortion and compression suites all came in handy when I needed to crunch some of the performances to match the vibe of the film, as well as finding obscure yet accessible sound design for each individual remix. The combinations of all those textures worked their dark charms into my work beautifully.”

    Thanks to Justin for giving us an inside look at how he uses Audition to create killer movie soundtracks. To check out more of his work, go to his official website at or his blog at

    Check out his interview at


    Get Soundbooth NOW!!

    We are kicking off the Soundbooth CS3 promotion today!! Get Adobe® Soundbooth® CS3 for US$99 (or up to 50% off worldwide) with the purchase of a full or upgrade version of Adobe Creative Suite® 3 Web Premium or Web Standard or Adobe Flash® CS3 Professional via the Adobe Store. This is a great offer for any Flash author looking for an integrated tool that simplifies creating, editing, and coordinating audio with a Flash project.

    Check out more details on the offer at:

    Audition 3 on a Mac??

    We love our Macs, but a few of us are not loving that Audition still runs only on Windows. However, with an Intel-based Mac running Leopard and a copy of 32-bit releases of Windows XP or Windows Vista, Boot Camp could be the answer for you. In fact, our team has found that running Audition 3 in Boot Camp is no different than running it in Windows on a laptop or desktop with good hardware specs (For Audition system requirements, please go to:

    When I want to record multiple tracks of audio with full effects and monitoring, I run Audition using Boot Camp. Audition works smoothly on an Intel Mac because Boot Camp runs Windows natively, just as any PC would. However, when all I want is to make some minor edits, restore some noisy files or perform some batch conversions, I run Audition from OS X using virtualization software from VMWare or Parallels. Virtualization has opened the door to all sorts of new possibilities for our application library making the OS less important as systems get more powerful, CPUs get more cores and memory gets cheaper. Both Parallels Desktop and VMWare Fusion allow you to run Windows sessions without logging out of OS X (you can even use them with a Boot Camp installed partition). And since the VMWare Fusion and Parallels Desktop hardware configuration is customizable, you can adjust the amount of RAM available, which USB or Firewire devices it has access to or several other parameters.

    So basically, if you plan to use Audition on an Intel-based Mac for one-track recording, light multitrack mixing, or editing and restoration, both Parallels Desktop and VMWare Fusion will do the job. If you want to record and mix multiple audio tracks, you should run Audition using Boot Camp.

    Durin Gleaves