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What’s New in Adobe Audition CS6

Adobe Audition CS6 is on its way, and we are now revealing all of the new and changed features in Audition CS6 and other professional video and audio applications in Creative Suite 6 Production Premium, including Adobe Prelude and SpeedGrade. Go here for details. Information on pricing and availability is not yet available, but stay tuned here for updates.

Note that Audition CS6 and all of the other applications in CS6 Production Premium will also be available as part of Adobe Creative Cloud. Stay tuned here for additional details about Creative Cloud as they become available.

If you’re at the NAB tradeshow, come see us in the Adobe booth (SL2624) 16-19April2012. We’ll have live demonstrations and presentations by customers and Adobe personnel. We’ll also be participating in the keynote address along with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and Academy Award winner Rob Legato. Trainers will also be teaching CS6 versions of our professional video and audio applications at the Post|Production World Conference 14-18April2012.

Here’s a link to the summary of what’s new in CS6 professional video and audio applications, with short overview movies about some of the top features. These PDF documents are a much deeper look at what’s new, so be sure to check them out, too:

If you want to ask questions about these new and changed features, come on over to the Audition user-to-user forum. That’s the best place for questions. Questions left in comments on a blog post are much harder to work with; the blog comment system just isn’t set up for conversations.

Keep an eye on our Twitter feed (@audition) or this blog for regular updates. We will also be posting more in depth on some of the features below to help provide insight and details.

Audition CS6 Highlights:

Audition CS6 (nearly) Complete List of New Features:


  • Session templates
  • Automatic speech alignment
  • Clip grouping
    • Suspend mode
    • Focus clip actions
    • Trim/fade grouped clips
    • Time aligned stretching of groups
  • Clip spotting – Manual entry of clip start or end time
  • Clip stretching – Real-time and rendered mode using iZotope Radius
  • Vari-speed clip stretching
  • Skip selection play mode
  • Metronome
  • Save all open files with session preference
  • Select all clips from playhead to end of track
  • Sum to mono per track
  • Bounce selected track
  • Reveal clip in files panel
  • Trim to selection
  • Send clip to back
  • Preference to play/hide overlapped clips
  • Mixer enhancements
  • Snap volume and pan envelopes at 0dB
  • Drag and drop file marker range to multitrack (as clip)

Waveform (Editor)

  • Multiple clipboards
  • Skip selection play mode
  • Open append
  • Subclip marker support (Premiere and Prelude)
  • Improvements to spectral spot Healing
  • Pitch display



  • Media Browser
  • Preview in Media Browser and files panel
  • Search/filter in Media Browser and files panel
  • Display markers for all files in markers panel
  • Access and open order fields in files panel (sorting)
  • Keyboard shortcuts (shortcut editor enhancements, copy to clipboard)
  • Adobe Graphics Manager Implementation to improve UI drawing
  • DLMS Integration to support additional video and audio file format import/open
  • OpenGL display for video including improved video display for improved performance
  • New spectral display preferences
  • Support for additional frame rates (23.976, 59.94 ndf/df)
  • Machine-specific device preferences (optional common audio hardware settings for all users)
  • Import most preferences from CS5.5
  • Pinch-to-zoom, rotate to scrub Mac touchpad support (Mac only)
  • Improved properties panel UI layout

Broadcast Specific

  • ITU Loudness – Normalize files (batch) to ITU-BS.1770-2 (R128), view loudness level diagnostics
  • Native MPEG1-Layer 2 audio (MP2) import and export
  • Enhanced CART timer and metadata support

Control Surface/Automation

  • Mackie MCU, native Avid EUCON, other controller support
  • Recordable track automation (Full Write, Touch, Latch support with undo)

Format support

  • MPEG4, HD Video, and additional audio import (via DLMS)
  • Native MPEG1-Layer2 (MP2) audio import and export
  • Native APE, FLAC, OGG export and import
  • libsndfile export – export most formats supported by libsndfile
  • CD Import metadata support (via FreeDB)
  • Enhanced RAW format support