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Cairngorm Sample – How Business Logic Can Manage Views Part III

The goal of this series is to demonstrate how you can manage views with investing in your client side business logic.
The previous posts (part 1, part 2) were primarily about the infrastructure of a very simple single and multiple view dashboard application. This and the following posts will add further functionality to the application with the indent to demonstrate how your model objects become a focus point of your application.
In particular, we’ll add validation logic, formatting logic and an additional use case.

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Cairngorm 2 (for Flex 2) – Simple Sample Applications

UPDATE: The Login example has been updated by Neil Webb to Cairngorm 2.2. Check out his series of articles explaining Cairngorm using the Login example.
I’d like to give you early access to a new version of the CairngormLogin sample, which we’ll ultimately make available on Adobe Labs. We’ve been releasing this very simple example application in earlier versions of Cairngorm alongside the framework code. Intention is to showcase how to get a simple Cairngorm application running. Furthermore, I’ve also upgraded my dashboard samples, which I’ve shown in previous posts.

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Cairngorm 2 (for Flex 2) – Overview and Migration Path

Earlier this week Cairngorm for Flex 2 has been released. There have been a number of changes compared to Cairngorm for Flex Beta 3. This post intents to explain some of what’s changed, why it changed and how you can handle the changes for migrating your Cairngorm applications to the newest version. Sorry for the delay of this post, but as you might know, there’s a fantastic soccer World Cup in Germany going on these days. 😉

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