Cairngorm 2 (for Flex 2) – Simple Sample Applications

UPDATE: The Login example has been updated by Neil Webb to Cairngorm 2.2. Check out his series of articles explaining Cairngorm using the Login example.
I’d like to give you early access to a new version of the CairngormLogin sample, which we’ll ultimately make available on Adobe Labs. We’ve been releasing this very simple example application in earlier versions of Cairngorm alongside the framework code. Intention is to showcase how to get a simple Cairngorm application running. Furthermore, I’ve also upgraded my dashboard samples, which I’ve shown in previous posts.

I’ve done some little additions to the CairngormLogin sample that hopefully show a little more closeness to a real world Cairngorm application. There’s now a model object Login, which encapsulates login related states of the application. This object also contains a pending state, which a LoginPanel view listens to in order to prevent multiple login requests being fired before a running request has been returned. Also, there’s a delay in the delegate to simulate a remote service response. The code needed to call a remote service via RemoteObject is commented.
I’ve also updated the Dashboard examples to work with the latest Cairngorm release. Expect some further updates that actually add some real functionality to this in future.
see and download (right click and view source) the samples here:

As Steven Webster mentioned previously, expect more examples from us coming up soon and let us know when you’ve examples to show. I think the more the better!