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Using Binding Securely

In my last post about the Cairngorm Dashboard example I’ve added a little functionality that allowed a view to react to a state change in the model in order to do something view related like invoking a popup or an effect.
I’ve been using the binding approach and that made it very easy and flexible to do. But as I said in my last post, this can have one slight drawback you have to consider. In this post I’ll showcase the drawback and provide a solution to it via an extended version of Paul’s Observe tag. Furthermore, this extended version of Observe makes it even easier to perform this kind of listening to the model.

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Cairngorm Sample – How Business Logic Can Manage Views Part IV

In the last post about this topic, I’ve added some functionality and another use case to our stock quote application and showcased how a Cairngorm application could scale with focusing on creating model objects. In this post I’ll perform some further refactorings to our model objects.
Furthermore, our customer wants us to show a pop-up as soon as a successful stock purchase is being made. I’ll cover how a state change in your model can transparently cause view related code (like creating a pop-up) to be executed.

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MAX 2006: Leveraging Flex 2 and Flash Player 9 for Truly Cinematic Experiences

As MAX 2006 in Las Vegas is coming closer and it’s shaping up to be a fascinating conference. I’m talking about
Leveraging Flex 2 and Flash Player 9 for Truly Cinematic Experiences
and I’d like to give you more information where this will be about, in hope you consider joining my session!
I’ll talk about how cinematic effects can dramatically improve the user experience of a Rich Internet Application and can contribute significantly to the success of how your RIA will translate the experience that your costumer wants to deliver.
You will see new types of effects and learn best practices toward their use and creation.

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