MAX 2006: Leveraging Flex 2 and Flash Player 9 for Truly Cinematic Experiences

As MAX 2006 in Las Vegas is coming closer and it’s shaping up to be a fascinating conference. I’m talking about
Leveraging Flex 2 and Flash Player 9 for Truly Cinematic Experiences
and I’d like to give you more information where this will be about, in hope you consider joining my session!
I’ll talk about how cinematic effects can dramatically improve the user experience of a Rich Internet Application and can contribute significantly to the success of how your RIA will translate the experience that your costumer wants to deliver.
You will see new types of effects and learn best practices toward their use and creation.

New Flex Effects Leveraging Flex 2 Features
I’ll showcase a variety of different effects but most importantly I’ll showcase a new type of cinematic effects, leveraging the performance improvements, the new bitmap manipulation features and the new Effects Framework in Flex 2. You’ll be given ideas and complete source code for these new type of effects and will be able to create your own customized effects based on the principles demonstrated.
One of these effects is a flip effect. I’ve a little teaser for you here:
See the Flip effect
How this is done, how you can use it in your own work and how all the other effects look like…stay tuned for MAX 2006!
Future of AnimationPackage
Some of you might know that I’ve developed AnimationPackage, an ActionScript 2 library for Flash and Flex 1.x developers. I’ll outline how I see the future of this framework and how I see it fitting alongside the Flex 2 effects framework.
See you soon, on the
25. October, Wednesday, 1:45 p.m
and the
26. October, Thursday, 3:00 p.m.
in Las Vegas!
I’m excited!

6 Responses to MAX 2006: Leveraging Flex 2 and Flash Player 9 for Truly Cinematic Experiences

  1. Faisal Abid says:

    I am very intrested in the flip effect. How was it accomplished, I am 16 and there is no way i can get to MAX lol , if you can you please email me atleast the explanination of how the effect was made , i wont tell anyone lol

  2. William from Lagos says:

    Hi Auhlmann,
    Please don’t shut out those who won’t be attending MAX like myself.
    Please share your source code for these effects on your blog.

  3. Roman Gruhn says:

    Behind the link there is no date. Just as an info… that is a bit strangen, even though many developers know the days of MAX…

  4. Jason says:

    I was wondering if it is possible to get this library to work with Flash CS3 instead of Flex?
    I’ve got the Flex SDK installed and I keep getting a “TweenEffect Not Found” error when I try and preview inside of Flash CS3.

  5. Dr. Roeder says:

    Thanks for that post. Does any users guide or instruction in german exist?