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Creating a Popup in a Cairngorm Architecture

Often I see this question coming up:

“How should I best create a popup in my Cairngorm application?”

I think of creating a popup control as something only views should be concerned about. It’s like creating other view components, managing states of view components or effects. Therefore this question isn’t just about creating popups, instead it’s about how to invoke methods that belong to the view. (BTW: I often hear from our User Experience team that they try to prevent popups where possible)

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Best Practice: Code Behind versus MXML Script Blocks versus View Helper

Often I see the question coming up on whether to use MXML Script blocks, Code Behind or Helper classes.
I think the question behind the question we’re addressing here is not whether to use Code Behind, MXML Script blocks or View Helpers, but is actually where is it best to place functionality in a Flex application.
But first of all, let’s have a quick rundown on what Code Behind, View Helper and MXML Script blocks actually are:

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