Distortion Effects – Updated

Here’s a new version of the distortion effects.
Thanks for all your tremendous feedback on the previously released distortion effects. Some of that feedback is now included in this updated version. This version adds various features and updates. Here’s an excerpt:
Exceed Bounds
Much of the feedback I’ve received was about making the flip effect more realistic. The hint was to let its bounds overlap while the flip effect is coming towards the user. (flipping in). The new exceedBounds property on the Flip effect does exactly that and is now turned on by default!
Pop mode UP
The Pop effect now has an additional mode. The default mode is DOWN, which pops a display object off a stack/pile, away from the user. The new UP mode pops it towards the user.

Scaling Support
Some of you have experienced issues with distortions done on display objects that are below other display objects, which are being scaled. You can scale display objects either using UIComponent’s or DisplayObject’s scaleX, scaleY properties or with modifying the DisplayObject’s transform matrix (a and d properties). This version of the distortion effects supports any scalings applied to any parent display objects in your display list.
Support of More Environments
My goal with these effects always was to support all possible environments where you can use these effects and distortions. With environments I meant i.e. using distortions or utilities in a non Flex framework environment, using only the Flash Player API. But also the use in different Flex framework containers and effect setups, i.e. States and Transitions, hideEffects, ActionScript effects, with ViewStacks, custom containers etc.
This version increases the number of environments to support to the point that I currently haven’t heard of an environment that isn’t supported. If you have one, let me know and feel free to send me an isolated example and I’ll try to help out.
This version added support for some States and Transition usages i.e. with supporting multiple siblings and improves error handling in case views cannot be initialized.
See them in action here.
Download here!
And if you’re interested in the source code of the cube example, download it here.