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Cairngorm 3 Released

I’m excited to announce that Cairngorm 3 is released! Cairngorm communicates best practices for enterprise Flex and AIR application development, contributed by Adobe Technical Services and partners. Cairngorm is our opinion on applying modularity, IoC, agile testing, build automation and everything else we find crucial to build enterprise Flex and AIR applications. It is one set of guidelines, tools and libraries you can hand-off to enterprise development teams. Based on our own experience of many large-scale projects, Cairngorm attempts to share this opinion; early and often in order to get your feedback quicker and to advance the Flash platform in the enterprise.
Since going into public Beta in October last year, I think we’ve made a significant step towards making the guidelines coherent, many libraries robust and the tools section a best-of-breed filter for the tools we’ve been using successfully in practice. This is a living project! Expect changes as we’ll receive feedback and our own thinking evolves; Cairngorm will evolve. Cairngorm is a success for us, if it portrays what works for us and can work for our partners and the external community leveraging the Flash Platform.
Cairngorm starts here.