Cairngorm 3 – Revised Guidelines and Core Principles

We’ve revised the guidelines section. In my opinion, one very significant new area are the Core Principles. These are principles that we feel are crucial to adhere to when developing enterprise RIAs. They are also easier to agree upon between teams even if some areas (such as an IoC framework choice) might be more difficult to agree upon. Looking for commonality between teams can help bring more consistency eventually.

Additionally, don’t forget the MAX presentations of Francois Le Droff and Yaniv De Ridder; who will touch on build automation and the impact of multi-screen on client side architecture. Afterwards, I hope we can add some outputs of it to Cairngorm.

2 Responses to Cairngorm 3 – Revised Guidelines and Core Principles

  1. Tink says:

    Thanks Alex

    You have a typo on point 3

    “Show the indent of code clearly.”

    should be

    “Show the intent of code clearly.”

  2. Alex Uhlmann says:

    Thanks Tink, just fixed it. 😉