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Cairngorm Updates

Over the past weeks we’ve migrated our SVN code repository to SourceForge, released new versions of our libraries (maven repository) but most importantly added two additional non-Adobe members to our team!

Welcome Pascal Romanens from Kalyss and Brian Lay from HP!

Brian will probably focus mostly on the navigation library and Pascal already added features and bugfixes to the Persistence library.

If you’re interested in contributing to Cairngorm, please contact Francois Le Droff (ledroff att adobe dott com)

Cairngorm 3 – Migration to Open@Adobe, Library Updates and MAX Presentations

Over the past months Cairngorm 3 has moved to a new location, the new Open@Adobe space at SourceForge. Last week we’ve released new versions from our navigation, module, integration, observer and popup libraries. The how-to documents linked through the libraries page show what’s changed and add further documentation.

If you’re at MAX, make sure you checkout the session from Francois Le Droff and Yaniv De Ridder, who will present technical insights from a large-scale RIA project built inside Adobe, which uses Cairngorm 3 guidelines, tools and libraries.

Additionally, Xavier Agnetti and Xavi Beumala will discuss FlexPMD, which is a crucial tool we use in our projects. More tools we’ve found important are linked through our tools section.


Hello there, I’m Alex Uhlmann, Consultant at Adobe Consulting. Some people might remember me from AnimationPackage, the open source animation library I’ve developed and still maintain. So, one topic I’ll definitely cover on this blog will be effects and I can’t wait till everything is sorted, so I’ll be able to blog about some awesome cinematic effects using Flex 2. Expect some great stuff coming up in the coming months!
But I’ll also plan to blog about a variety of other Flex 2 related topics, such as state management, Cairngorm, architecture, and whatever comes up that is potentially useful to others.