A round of introductions

We have some exceptionally talented people working in our Languages and Runtimes group.

Basil Hosmer (language design, type systems, concurrency), a freakishly clever veteran behind several products at the company (previously at Macromedia).

Adam Welc (concurrency, parallelism), a prolific author on transactional memory (previously at Intel Labs).

Simon Wilkinson (VM, concurrency, parallelism), a dexterous hacker of runtimes (previously at the University of Manchester).

Mathew Zaleski (JIT, interpreter), a seasoned expert on dynamic compilation (previously at IBM and the University of Toronto).

And finally, Bernd Mathiske (VM, language design), our manager and the dude who hired us all (previously at Sun Labs).

Furthermore, we collaborate with several people in the ActionScript Engineering team, including Lars Hansen, Jeff Dyer, and Edwin Smith.

In particular, Basil Hosmer, Lars Hansen, Jeff Dyer, and I together are the ActionScript Language Design Team, which means that we are responsible for the definition of the language and the design of future versions of the language.

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