Flex Data Services and AJAX



So I hope that folks are familiar with the Labs site at Adobe where most of our latest projects are published.


I wanted to highlight some cool additions for Ajax / Flex developers that were posted this week. The first is AJAX Data Services


AJAX Data Services is a JavaScript library that lets AJAX developers access the messaging and data management capabilities of Flex Data Services directly from JavaScript. It lets you use Flex clients and AJAX clients that share data in the same messaging application or distributed data application.”


The second is an update to previously published Flex-Ajax Bridge.


“The Flex AJAX Bridge (FABridge) is a small, unobtrusive code library that you can insert into an Adobe® Flex™ application, a Flex component, or even an empty SWF file to expose it to scripting in the browser.”


I think this is a hugely powerful way of extending Ajax applications.  This makes it really easy to add pub/sub messaging and real-time data push to your applications.  I’ll certainly be adding some samples to my demo collection.




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