Reg Developer highlights Flex/Apollo

Hi All,


I’ve been a reader of Reg Developer for some time.  So it was nice to meet Tim Anderson when I ran a Flex 2 workshop for the Press last month.  Tim posted an article today on Flex and Apollo which you can read in full here.


The subtitle is "Why Flex and Apollo will shake up client application development" which immediately got my attention because I believe they will.  In fact I would be as bold as to suggest that they already have.  Flash based Rich Internet Applications have steadily grown in popularity for years, and now Flex 2.0 has added a complete toolset for building these applications.


Tim goes on to reference the fact that "Apollo adapts Flex for the creation of desktop as opposed to browser-hosted applications and it promises to be well suited for offline use, providing access to the local file system".  He concludes that
"my hunch is that Flex and Apollo will make more impact than previous attempts from Adobe (or Macromedia) at cracking the market for rich internet-connected application", and I believe he is right…




Well check out this demo of an Apollo app given by Mike Downey and tell me if you don’t think its cool.



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