Enterprise Flex talk at Skillsmatter (21/10/2009)

Hi All,

Every third Wednesday of the month Skillsmatter host the Enterprise RIA User Group (sponsored by Adobe) at their offices in Farringdon. Everyone is welcome and if you have an Interest in Enterprise scale applications then this is for you.

Tomorrows talk (21st October 2009) is being given by Børre Wessel and is entitled “Scaling Flex for enterprise applications”.

Børre Wessel is a Managing Consultant at Lab49. For the past ten years Børre has focused on advanced user interface development and the successful delivery of numerous enterprise systems.

This session will cover how to scale Flex for enterprise applications. Lab49 are engaged on a number of large Flex applications, and this session will cover some of the lessons learned on how to develop large, scalable and high performing applications built on top of the Flash Platform. Presentation will cover topics like Modularisation, Inversion of Control and Developer-Designer workflow.

I’ll be there as always and can’t wait to hear what Børre has to say.

See you there.

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