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Pick of CES: Skype Hype

I’ve been looking for a post to sum up what I think was the biggest set of announcements at this year’s CES, and the best I was able to come up with is Jeff Pulver’s post:
The Jeff Pulver Blog: Skype Announcements @ CES 2006: A Year Too Late?
Personally, I believe the Skype Hype was in full-effect at CES this year, and its nothing but good news.
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“Your (micro) Ad Here”

As an inagural post, I thought I’d discuss the state of mobile advertising, as it seems to be a “hot” topic these days.

  1. “Micro” Ads are coming
  2. The will be married to relevance and location with what’s going on around you
  3. There will be more of them in comparison to print or video
  4. And they will be more intrusive into your life (if you let them in)

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UPDATE: In the latest Fierce Wireless, there’s another article about Google getting a patent for wireless advertising. Point proven – the market is heating up.

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