Adobe and Verizon to bring Flash to the U.S. mobile phone market

As you may have seen yesterday, Adobe and Verizon announced an agreement to bring the Flash platform to U.S. mobile phones on the Verizon network. Read all about it here:
Adobe signs first Flash deal on U.S. mobile phones
As the product manager for Flash Lite, the product that will help deliver rich content, engaging UIs, and exceptional experiences with the information you care about most, I’m incredibly excited to see the beginning of what should be a long line of successes with Flash for operators that really want to take their business to the next level with an eye towards engaging and delighting the consumer.
Verizon’s commitment to Flash should signal a change to the industry, away from bland, static applications and UIs, to a more exciting, dynamic environment on the mobile phone. I’ve felt like Howard Beale, from Network, when he said “I’m as mad as h___, and I’m not going to take it anymore!” (Listen here). That’s how I felt about applications and UIs on mobile phones. 🙂 I’m sure many of you shared my frustrations.
Anyway, just wanted to give my thoughts on this topic and let the rumor mills run rampant with what this means in terms of products. There’s not much I can say at this point, but stay tuned. We’ll hope to have some exciting things coming as a result of this deal.

One Response to Adobe and Verizon to bring Flash to the U.S. mobile phone market

  1. This is distrubing news for us SVG fans out here. The release of the CS line gave us hope that Adobe would continue to champion SVG – but in the cell phone market instead of the browser market. This was acceptable to me and many others who develop with SVG, but this announcement makes me question Adobe’s committment to SVG – especially since SVG is a W3C standard while Flash will most likely never be. I pray I am wrong, but it is starting to look like Adobe, now that it has aquired Macromedia (and Flash) is going to turn its back on SVG development.
    David Marcinkowski
    Associate Professor
    Pratt Institute
    New York, NY